What to look for in an electrician?

Hiring and choosing the best electrician to work on your home’s electrical wiring system is very important. In the UK faulty wiring has been one of the leading cause of residential fire. Every year there are at least 20,000 accidental fire caused by faulty electrical appliances and electrical wiring.

For over 50 years NICEIC, an independent electrical expert regulating body, has focused on ensuring the safety of each household from fire caused by faulty electrical system. Ecore Electrical Ltd are proud to be NICEIC Approved. All NICEIC’s  approved electrician possess the qualities listed below:

1. Quality and competence – All electricians in the UK go through years of training and formal study. To ensure that these electricians are well qualified, they must pass all government mandated assessments and skills validation. NICEIC ensure that all their approved electricians are registered with the government and have passed all government required prerequisites.

2. Registered – Qualified electricians are listed and registered with the government, after passing all required assessments and skills validation. Although not required all electricians are encouraged to register with non-government organizations to validate and assess their electrical skills like NICEIC.

3. Work Guaranteed – All work performed by qualified electricians must include a guarantee, to ensure that all work done follows standard regulations. All work conducted by NICEIC’s approved electricians are covered with warranty under insurance. Under this guarantee remedial work is done to fix any previously done electrical wiring system that does not meet regulations at no cost to the customer.

Rogue electrician warning signs

According to Electrical Safety Council these are the 10 most common warning signs you should watch out for before hiring an electrician.

1. Avoids giving out references for previously finished jobs.
2. Will charge cheaper if paid in cash, so the customer can avoid paying taxes.
3. No office phone number, business address can be found on business card.
4. Will start the job right away (Most electricians are busy and must be booked in advance)
5. Will confuse clients with technical terms so he can charge at a higher rate.
6. Materials and labor costs quotes given to clients are unclear.
7. Says don’t worry about the job and will not give clear details of what the job entails.
8. Low quotes on services and materials
9. Does not issue an official receipt and will not confirm anything in writing.
10. Will say that they are approved by organizations like NICEIC but organization’s name is not listed as a government accredited organization.

Why hire NICEIC approved electricians?

Customers can take advantage of many benefits by hiring a NICEIC approved technician. All NICEIC approved technicians go through extensive and continuous skills assessments. To ensure quality on all work done, approved contractors give warranty on all jobs that they perform. NICEIC has been a force in the electrical industry for more than 50 years. Its main focus is on the safety of each and every home’s electrical system installation through the proper skills validation and continuous training of all their approved electricians.